Friday, 10 August 2012

Amul : The "Test" of India

Some times it does not matter what camera you are using... I really strongly believe in getting the picture... yes, the picture might not be "accepted" in a lot of places... but as an artist, as someone who likes photography and the pure joy of "creating" an image the mega pixels or the "D" before or after a few numbers really do not make a difference.

If I had let this moment go by, I would have let this moment go by. As simple as that... But here I was out to get some provisions and I saw this cycle stocked up all the way with these plastic crates stacked one on top of the other. It was such a long stack that the cycle just seemed to be there as a formality... And all I had was my phone - I must admit Instagram is making me use my phone camera much much more - so I did not waste a moment and here is the result.

I just let someone pass by the stack.. just to give an idea of how tall this really was!

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  1. The camera is an extension of your eye, and quality of shot primarily driven by composition. So there you have it mobile photo is alright. It's in and happening! :)


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